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What's in a Million Miles

We did a post on Facebook awhile back about what it takes to achieve a million miles as a truck driver, and so wanted to revisit that on the blog! On average it takes a driver 8 years to log one million miles. Out of our current fleet of 70 drivers, 43 of them have reached 1,2 or 3 million miles!! (That is miles just with Pehler Trucking, granted some drivers have reached these milestones with the accumulated miles from other companies they have drove for previously.)

We recognize drivers who reach these pillars with decals on their trucks. Below are some fascinating facts of what it takes to get one million miles or how far it really is:

  • A driver who has driven 1 million miles will have spent between 18,000-20,000 hours on the road.

  • It will have taken over 180,000 gallons of fuel to drive 1 million miles.

  • 1 million miles is the equivalent of driving from earth to the moon, back to earth and then back to the moon again.

  • A driver would have to drive around the circumference of the earth 40 times to equal 1 million miles.


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