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Reflecting on Winter

Photo Credit: Brian Krage, Pehler Driver


Many of us dread winter, the bitter cold temperatures, slippery roads, everything becoming dormant. While all of these are valid reasons to get a little ho-hum, winter also offers us opportunities that we may not take advantage of or realize. The obvious ones are for those winter recreation-loving folks, such as skiing, skating, snowmobiling and ice fishing. Those are all great reasons to look forward to winter- provided you enjoy those things, right?! For those who don't enjoy being out in the cold or doing recreation activities, and even for ones who do, winter is a chance to slow down, stay in and enjoy simple pleasures. Winter is a perfect time to reconnect with relatives or friends you don't get to see as often as you like, to make family board game night a priority or to work on those hobbies and crafts that get pushed in the corner or closet the rest of the year.

Here's to hoping we all can take in what winter has to offer, whether it be enjoying the outdoors or taking in moments and things we get too busy to do. Wishing you a wonderful winter season!!

#winterisnotsobad #enjoythelittlethings #pehlerculture


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