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4 Simple Swaps


Research shows that the average time span of new year's resolutions staying in effect is 12 days; that's it....12 days!! We all have good intentions, right?! We also all have a million things going on and our health gets overlooked. Being in the capacity of a truck driver makes it even more difficult to adhere to healthy choices without careful planning and prepping.

Here are 4 simple swaps to cut calories, fat and sugar:

  • Water instead of soda. Try flavoring the water with cut up fresh fruit or a flavor packet, staying away from ones containing artificial sweeteners; here is one example.

  • Protein bar instead of a candy bar. You will still satisfy your sweet craving plus get added nutrients!

  • Fruit in place of sweets.

  • Air popped popcorn in place of chips. Hold the butter of course, but try a seasoning such as ranch on the popcorn.

Making small changes adds up. Start by trying to do one swap one day a week and then build on that!

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