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The freight services we provide our customers with our first-in-class dry van trucking services. With a strong commitment to keeping our Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc. team of drivers, customers, and the general public safe, we make safety our first priority while keeping a strong commitment to communicate proactively with all our customers.


With a reputation as one of the Midwest United States based leading trucking companies that specializes in dry van transportation products, we offer only the highest quality transportation services to a growing list of high profile, satisfied customers.


...While providing the highest level of trucking service to our customers throughout most of the United States.
Identifying and responding to each customer’s unique needs...

Pehler Trucking identifies and responds to each customer’s unique needs, providing the highest level of trucking service to our customers throughout most of the United States. We operate safely and courteously, enhancing the trucking industry in the public's eye while making it our competitive advantage.


Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc.
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