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Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc. | Drivers SAFETY

Drivers Safety Department


Our first priority is safety. We help prevent all types of accidents with training and management programs including safety meetings to cover safety topics on a regular basis.


Some of our specific trainings include: Continued driver safety education for on the road training, drivers recognition for performance, awareness campaigns including seasonal driving, fatigue management, and critical events systems analysis training. Our Safety meetings also include post-accident retraining awareness and safety orientations.


The Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc. goal is to have a fleet of the safest drivers on the road.



We keep you current with your DOT and other certifications to assist you in your professional career as a driver and our drivers are highly qualified to advance in their careers.

Our safety departmant helps you do this with optimum safety as you step up your career with us.


Recognition for your milestones of accomplishment are what we are used to doing to keep your records of accomplishment current. 



We want to do all we can to promote your career and accomplishments as our drivers have recieved many awards for their hard work.

Driver Appreciation

To show our appreciation and build on a family atmosphere we have regular events throughout the year. You will see awards given and recognition of certifications as well as having fun at our annual events, safety meetings and benefits review meetings.


Performance recognition includes individual number of safe driving miles operated, numberof years of service, driver status including on-time service and contributions.

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