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Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc. | ABOUT US

Brad and Onya Pehler owners of Pehler Trucking

Officers Brad & Onya Pehler of Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc. Arcadia WI welcome you to our web site. Our transportation company is our team of professional drivers, dispatch and our daily operations personnel. We are proud of the job they do to keep freight moving safely. Helping make your company profitable with us as your logistics partner for your dry van freight hauling needs is what we do best.

Take a trip through time with us and see the history that makes Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc. more than a trucking company and one of the leaders in the trucking industry today. "In it for the long haul" is the road traveled by our company with humble beginnings since 1936. Now running 75 trucks and employing 85 people we continue to grow with timely delivery throughout the US.



John J. Pehler started the business as John J. Pehler Trucking, Pine Creek, WI.


He hauled cream to the Dodge Creamery in Dodge, WI and can milk to A.G. Coop Creamery, Arcadia, WI.





The business grew as John Pehler was able to buy out different milk routes, now owning five milk trucks.


They hauled cattle; picking up cattle from area farmers and delivering them to different markets located in Winona, MN; Galesville, WI; and Arcadia, WI.





The business grew as John bought out Ed Jick, which gave him license to haul general commodities.


John formed a corporation with his sons; Aurley, Adrian, and Francis – now called Pehler Trucking.


They were now able to haul freight from Trempealeau and Buffalo Counties; Winona, Minnesota; and La Crosse, Wisconsin to Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota.


To keep up with A.G. Coop Creamery, Pehler Trucking began hauling bagged feed from Minneapolis, Minnesota to local broiler farmers.


They hauled bagged fertilizer from Minneapolis, MN; Prairie du Chien, WI; Dubuque IA; and Winona, MN to Arcadia, WI.


Hauling cattle to South St. Paul, MN became a regular movement.  On the return trip, they picked up freight and/or feed to bring back to the Arcadia area.





Pehler Trucking bought out Willard Thomas, increasing employment to ten and increasing the cattle hauling business with twelve to fifteen semi-loads going to Dubuque, IA per week.


At this time Pehler Trucking also provided a corn shelling service to farmers bringing their corn sheller to the farmers’ yard; shelling it; then hauling it to local markets.


As farmers were changing milking habits from can milk to bulk milk, Pehler Trucking purchased their first bulk milk truck.





Again, keeping up with the times, Pehler Trucking added to their fleet ; hauling powdered milk from A.G. Creamery, Arcadia, WI and A.M.P.I., Blaire WI to Minneapolis, MN and Milwaukee, WI.


With continued expansion, they began hauling beer for local distributors in Independence, WI; Alma, WI; and Arcadia, WI from such places as Minneapolis, MN; Sheboygan, WI; and La Crosse, WI.


Early 1970’s Pehler Trucking hauled their first load of furniture for Arcadia Industries, now known as Ashley Furniture, traveling through WI, MN, IA, and SD. 





Pehler Trucking’s new 15,200 sq. ft. facility was built housing a 4-bay service garage 3,200 sq. ft. of office space.


The Bulk Milk division was sold.





The Cattle Hauling division was sold.





The end of an era was marked by the sale of the Grain division trucks and trailers.


Present Involvement with Ashley Furniture has grown over the years with 115 loads per week  now being hauled, covering a 48-state region.



July 2015 - Current


Officers of Pehler & Sons Trucking, Inc. as of  July 2015 are Brad & Onya Pehler.


Employment has reached 85 employees and current inventory consists of 75 tractors and 200 trailers.  


Pehler Trucking Inc. continues to strive to provide the best service to all local manufacturing companies in Arcadia and the surrounding area.  It has been their pleasure to serve the Arcadia area over the past 65 years.




Our full service terminal and up-to-date mechanics shop keeps our operations running smoothly and safely so our drivers can get our freight delivered on time every time!


The Pehler dispatch and operations management team of professionals is here to serve the transportation industry and our drivers’ needs. Backed by experience in being up-to-date and first in safety with all certifications and offering continued driver training and assistance in their careers.


Our long haul services cover the vast majority of the United States east of the Rockies.  

Pehler Long Haul Dry Van Trucking
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